#PRStudCast Episode 11.10.10 with Jason Mollica


Our Second episode is now live! Last night, we got to speak with Jason Mollica of Carr Communications about mentoring and how students can benefit from finding a great mentor.  We had a great discussion and it was our sincere pleasure to have Jason as our guest.

We also discussed a blog post written by Desiree Mahr about the Marie Claire blogging situation.  You can check the post out here! Weighing in on Marie Claire’s PR Disaster

We do have one question that we want to hear your opinions on though!

Do you think it is better to have one mentor, or do you think it is more effective to have multiple mentors to learn from?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Looking forward to our next episode which will be following the #PRStudChat on Thursday, November 18th. Hope you enjoy today’s show and join us for next week’s show!

2 thoughts on “#PRStudCast Episode 11.10.10 with Jason Mollica

  1. Mentoring is a personal favorite topic of mine (as well as a developing research interest) so I was happy to see you chatting with Jason about it (who I actually consider one of my go-to Twitter mentors!).

    In terms of your question, I think it is important to have more than one mentor, for which you can turn to different people for different things. For instance, I have professors in my department that I turn to for publishing advice, to research, to what courses to take next semester. But then I have other mentors that I feel more comfortable talking about more personal, life questions. And then of course there’s the plethora of mentors I have found on Twitter, including the founders of #PRStudChat.

    So all in all, I think with the growth of social media it is easier now than ever before to collect a vast number of different mentors. I’m all for it – I mean, what’s better than having an arsenal of people who care about you and want you to succeed more than anything? Sounds like something I want to sign up for, what about you? 🙂


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