5 thoughts on “Thank you for a Great 2010 from #PRStudCast

  1. Hey guys! I just wanted to drop in and give a quick congrats on a great 2010! Here’s to hoping we all improve with our time-management skills in 2011. Considering I’ve tweeted with Ashley at 4 a.m. about deer (haha), I think I have some work to do! Also, I’m graduating in May, so I’m not sure if I’ll be in Philly, Ithaca or elsewhere come December, but how can I get involved with 2011 Holiday Tweet Drive? I’ve been on the Meetup page, and the project sounds awesome!


  2. Thanks so much, Harrison & Ashley, for the kind words and shoutout to Gini Dietrich and me for our #MBTWeetRace. I’ll definitely have this podcast as required listening in my PR classes this spring. Expect lots of comments from my students at Southeastern University!


  3. Hi Michelle, Thank you for your comment! Do you live in Philadelphia now? As far as the Tweet Drive, I will release more information soon about 2011, and will make sure you are involved!

    Barbara- Looking forward to hearing from your students, and we would love for you to be a guest very soon on the show. Perhaps by February?


  4. Hi Harrison, I’m in (outside) Philly for the next week and a half. Then, it’s back to Ithaca for the semester and, presumably, back to the Philly area after graduation in May. I’d love to get involved for 2011 once the info is ready to go out! Thanks so much!


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