5 thoughts on “#PRStudCast 2.9.11 – Groupon & Kenneth Cole

  1. Great chat this week. Thanks for stopping by Gini!

    As I am catching up on my RSS Feed tonight, I came across this article (which was linked to in Ragan), stating that Groupon has actually gained 50,000 new customers since the ad ran. Which makes sense to me. It seems as though Groupon’s Superbowl ads likely only offended those who knew what Groupon is in the first place. The other 90 million+ people watching the Superbowl who aren’t plugged in to social media (as we are) or live on the internet (as we do) may have been more curious about what the heck Groupon is in the first place (as Ashley said she was), and may not have had time to be offended. Simply put, they didn’t know what the ad was for, looked into this Groupon thing, and signed up– all the while forgetting any offensive content to begin with.

    Here is the full article: http://www.cnbc.com/id/41456516


  2. Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree with you, people that may not have known what Groupon was prior to the commercial during the Super Bowl were probably really curious to know what it is. They were more than likely trying to remember the name over the actual content. I know when I saw this ad my thoughts jumped to, “Oh yeah! I have this app, but what is it!?” so I was more concerned at the time of trying to know more about a random app I had downloaded on my phone. Thank you so much for sharing the article! 🙂


  3. Yeah, the ad itself didn’t really bother me (though I guess it should have). What bothers me is the “screw you” attitude and the non-apologetic arrogance. That’s bad for a growing company.


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