#PRStudChat Trust Agents Giveaway!

Tonight, the #PRStudChat community will tackle the issue of the mystery of the PR influencer and how to build trust online.  Ruder Finn, is sponsoring the chat session and their sponsorship will go toward several lucky community members receiving one of the most popular and important books on the subject… Trust Agents  @ChrisBrogan, co-author of Trust Agents, will be revealing his responses to our discussion topic tomorrow.

For an opportunity to win your copy of Trust Agents, just leave a comment responding to the question below no later than 9pm Friday, February 25th. The contest is open to all PR students, professionals and educators and the winners will be selected from those commenting below using randomizer.org. Please be sure to include your Twitter handle when responding.

PRStudChat Trust Agents giveaway question: Who is one influencer that has earned your trust online?

A little more about our sponsor, Ruder Finn (you can follow them on Twitter @ruderfinn):

Ruder Finn, Inc. is one of the largest independent integrated communication firms in the world. Through offices and affiliates worldwide, the agency serves the global and local communication needs of more than 250 corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations.


5 thoughts on “#PRStudChat Trust Agents Giveaway!

  1. Twitter: @megansemmelman

    My influencer: @HeatherHuhman — I consistently respect and enjoy what she has to say. As a soon to be college graduate, I feel as if she has taught me an incredible amount about the industry and I am more aware because of the knowledge she provides (through herself and others). Also easy to connect to and will talk to anyone!


  2. To me, an influencer is someone who is passionate and truly cares about the welfare of others. They are active in their community and always seek to give without asking “what’s in it for me?” Influencers don’t need to have a large reach, they simply have an impact and touch the lives of others.

    My influencers come from a community of PR Pros- who continue to teach me so much. They range from people like @prtini and @jgoldsborough, who opened my eyes to how much I can learn in an hour PR chat, to @markraganCEO, a person who writes so many useful blog posts that I have printed them and they are covering half my desk, to new influences such as the #PRSTUDCHAT crew, who has also inspired me to attend my first networking event tomorrow in #NYC, #HAPPO.

    These people provide me with new ideas and inspiration to get involved in the PR community by engaging with others and putting in some hard work, and maybe one day too, I can help and influence others the way my influencers have to me.


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