One thought on “#PRStudCast 3.3.11 – Charlie Sheen, iPad 2, & Miracle Whip

  1. I don’t think any task is insurmountable but this one will definitely take a lot of work! A good PR team would prepare a statement on behalf of Charlie Sheen. He should have never started doing his own interviews and definitely not joined Twitter without some sort of guidance first. I also don’t believe he should have talked so candidly and quickly about Two and a Half Men and the show’s staff.

    I believe that it is okay for him and his team to back up his statement that he has done nothing wrong IF he honestly feels that way. One thing we have learned from other celebrities (i.e. Tiger Woods) is that our society is willing to forgive. I would have directed him to really stick through rehab for, if no other reason, his children. And he would not be allowed at this point to tell his story. It was simply too soon.


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