#PRStudCast 8.25.11 – Discussing Social Good and Blue Keys

Its my 21st Birthday and the Fall semester is just about to start up for many members of our community! What better way to celebrate than by bringing back the #PRStudCast?


My special guests were PR Rockstar Shonali Burke and one of the top young PR professionals Rachael Seda. In this episode we discussed social good causes, the Blue Key Campaign, and the importance of getting involved for a young PR professional.

You can purchase your own Blue Key here!

Before you go; in the comments below, please let us know what social good means to you. We will select our favorite answer and purchase a USA for UNCHR Blue Key on your behalf!

Hope you enjoy the episode,

Also, if you want to check out the cool stuff I’m doing at my new gig, visit the MBA@UNC site for their Online MBA program!

One thought on “#PRStudCast 8.25.11 – Discussing Social Good and Blue Keys

  1. Harrison, thank you so much again for having us on the PRStudCast. It was really quite a pleasure and honor. I always enjoy chatting with you and Shonali, the passion and determination you both have is inspiring.

    I’m glad social media enabled me to have friends like the two of you!

    Thanks for purchasing a Blue Key on someone’s behalf what an awesome and novel idea!


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